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  1. America's most popular music streaming service is adding the ability to turn down the vocals and sing along.
  2. Don’t worry if you skipped the Cyber Monday madness. Some of the company’s best gear is on sale right now.
  3. Disgruntled former staff allege they were not given the severance packages they were promised. The mountain of litigation could cost Twitter millions.
  4. Track your mileage, keep tabs on your heart rate, or map a ride from here to eternity with these handlebar-mounted cycling companions.
  5. The product guru made Ledger’s new hardware wallet—a tiny vault for digital cash—flashy and fun. Plus, with this gadget you’ll never get FTX’d.
  6. Concerns about artificial intelligence replacing long-haul drivers are not new, but the real story is more nuanced.
  7. With gas prices soaring in Europe, I tried a new thermostat system that promises savings and lets you control temperature for individual rooms.
  8. The UK's use of technology to enforce its hard-line immigration policy brings the border into every facet of migrants' lives.
  9. For everything from journaling to writing my wedding vows, the iconic Lamy 2000 has become my favorite literary accessory.
  10. Audiology screening can be inaccessible for kids in low-resource areas. By utilizing off-the-shelf products, these scientists are trying to change that.

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