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  1. Facebook will once again try to channel some of Google’s search success with its new and improved Search Ad feature. However, the ads will only be seen by users in North America. The new Search Ads will work the same way as conventional search engines. The user will type what they are looking for in…

    The post Facebook Tests Search Ads for Businesses in North America appeared first on WebProNews.

  2. Prolific entrepreneur Jon Taffer who is the producer and host of the popular TV show Bar Rescue says that the most common denominator of failure is excuses.

    The post Entrepreneur Jon Taffer: The Common Denominator of Failure is Excuses appeared first on WebProNews.

  3. The average consumer is inundated with hundreds of ads every day. Advertisements have gotten so prevalent that they have become just white noise to most shoppers. This is why personalization is now more crucial than ever before. If your ad is not customized to show what a particular shopper wants, then your offer is as good…

    The post Could Your Business Benefit From Using LinkedIn Dynamic Ads? appeared first on WebProNews.

  4. Matthew Bellows, Founder & Chairman Of The Board at Yesware, recently talked at Web Summit about salespeople being ‘Authentic at Scale’ and how Yesware can help companies and their sales teams more effectively drive lead generation.

    The post Yesware Founder: Have Sales Conversations that are ‘Authentic at Scale’ appeared first on WebProNews.

  5. Wouldn’t it be great if your business could be in real-time contact with your potential customer while they are looking at your ad or business listing in a directory or search engine? With Yellzz Super Ads, businesses can do just that. Yellzz has partnered with various marketplaces, directories, and is currently in a small pilot…

    The post Yellzz in Lead Gen Pilot with Microsoft Bing Search Engine appeared first on WebProNews.

  6. The CEO of Sparrho says that their approach which combines artificial intelligence and 400,000 Ph.D.’s delivers scientific data to companies helping them back up their marketing messages.

    The post Sparrho CEO: Using Augmented Intelligence to Build Trust in Brands appeared first on WebProNews.

  7. Motorola Solutions CEO Greg Brown explains how China went from a great business opportunity in the mid-1980s to an intellectual property stealing concern following their acceptance into the WTO in 2001.

    The post Motorola Solutions CEO: We Want a Level Playing Field in China Where IP is Not Stolen appeared first on WebProNews.

  8. Based on a successful delivery trial in China via Alibaba and Uber Eats in Miami, Starbucks has announced that they are adding delivery nationwide.

    The post Starbucks Delivery via Uber Eats Goes National After Seeing Higher Average Sales appeared first on WebProNews.

  9. “Elon Musk has really pushed the industry to embrace electrification,” says former Ford CEO Mark Fields. “The challenge here is how do you make money at it?” Fields says that there will continue to be a large portion of internal combustion engines and that the shift to electric is going to take a long time…

    The post Former Ford CEO: Elon has Really Pushed the Industry to Embrace Electrification appeared first on WebProNews.

  10. It’s no secret that personalized marketing can solidify brand loyalty, improve customer experience, and boost profit margins. In fact, one recent study showed that persuasive personalization can have a positive impact on revenue by as much as 15 percent. However, personalization is a challenge in itself. Traditional marketing would make use of what the shopper…

    The post Read Your Customer’s Digital Body Language, Boost Sales! appeared first on WebProNews.

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