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  1. In reality, what I think Facebook is doing is very smart. They're trying to habituate consumers around driving transactions from their platform. For the future of advertising, especially in mobile, the way that you're going to be able to make money and build durability into your business model is to give consumers what they want.

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  2. “Imagine if IT had one tool to fix anything,” says the Chief Creatologist at Dell Technologies Joe Batista. “That's nirvana. That's not reality, because I have tool fatigue. With the influx of cash, the level of innovation cycle time and how the industry's become more fragmented with lots of products, the complexity has increased exponentially.”

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  3. “We sit on reams of data with 750 million visits to Expedia Group properties every single month,” says Expedia CEO Mark Okerstrom. “We're using AI to help inform some of our lodging partners with pricing tactics, to help them price more effectively both in the alternative accommodation space and in the traditional lodging space.”

    The post Expedia Pricing Tactics Powered By AI and Reams of Data, Says CEO appeared first on WebProNews.

  4. “We are now gearing up to take the person completely out of the cab on public roads in the state of Florida,” says Starsky Robotics CEO Stefan Seltz-Axmacher. “We’ve been testing on Florida roads with people in the cabs for a couple of years. We are starting off in the easiest conditions, in good weather, and with good lighting.”

    The post Starsky Robotics Launching Fully Autonomous Long-Haul Trucks in Florida appeared first on WebProNews.

  5. “We're making email marketing even smarter with a set of new AI capabilities getting released into Salesforce Marketing Cloud,” says Salesforce VP Armita Peymandoust. “One of them is Einstein Engagement Frequency. The other one is Einstein Send Time Optimization. We also have Einstein Content Tagging out and available today to our customers.”

    The post New AI-Powered Email Capabilities Released Into Salesforce Marketing Cloud appeared first on WebProNews.

  6. Today we’re sharing plans for Calibra, a newly formed Facebook subsidiary whose goal is to provide financial services that will let people access and participate in the Libra network. The first product Calibra will introduce is a digital wallet for Libra, a new global currency powered by blockchain technology.

    The post Designed From the Ground Up To Be a Great Medium Of Exchange, Says Facebook Calibra Head appeared first on WebProNews.

  7. “It's an incredibly positive signal for the overall blockchain and crypto market to have a player like Facebook leaning in,” says Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse. “To see major industry players lean in and participate in marketing is really positive for the overall market.”

    The post Incredibly Positive For Blockchain Market to Have Facebook Leaning In, Says Ripple CEO appeared first on WebProNews.

  8. Brick and mortar businesses are facing a crisis — people are eschewing in-store experiences for online shopping and delivery options, which means that physical locations are struggling to keep their doors open. The retail apocalypse is upon us, but what can retailers do to get more people into the stores? People are working longer hours…

    The post Are Pets The Key To Growing Your Business? appeared first on WebProNews.

  9. “The response from customers (to our Impossible Slider) has been overwhelming,” says Jamie Richardson, Vice President at White Castle. “We know we have got a winner. You put that in that White Castle original bun with one perfect pickle and you’ve got a winner.”

    The post The Response To Our Impossible Sliders Has Been Overwhelming, Says White Castle VP appeared first on WebProNews.

  10. “We have something brand-new we call the Commerce Page Designer,” says Mike Micucci, CommerceCloud CEO at Salesforce. “It allows you to create experiences with clicks not code. You can literally drag and drop things around on the page and just put them right where you want to. You don’t need to be a programmer or…

    The post Salesforce Commerce Page Designer – Creates Experiences With Clicks Not Code appeared first on WebProNews.

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