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  1. Christie’s announced that it is going to auction for the first time art that has been generated via an artificial intelligence algorithm which is estimated to sell for $7,000 to $10,000.

    The post Christie’s Says AI Art is Not a Masterpiece, But Good Enough for $10K appeared first on WebProNews.

  2. SEO expert Barry Schwartz said that he sees “lots of signals” that the recent October 16 Google algorithm update was a “big one.” Barry also talked about a Webmaster Hangout this morning with Google’s John Mueller.

    The post Google Search Algorithm Update on October 16th Looks Like a Big One appeared first on WebProNews.

  3. In its bid to capture a portion of television advertising revenues, Google’s YouTube has finally launched an option to run campaigns on TV screens. Labeled “TV screens device type” on the Google Ads platform, the option will allow advertisers to target engaged viewers watching YouTube content on their TVs. It’s not surprising that YouTube has…

    The post YouTube is Now Making it a Lot Cheaper to Advertise on TV appeared first on WebProNews.

  4. Domino's Pizza continues to implement innovative technology to maintain it's competitive edge in the pizza business. The company continues to be on the cutting edge of technology in its use of autonomous vehicles that are actually delivering pizza in Las Vegas.

    The post Domino’s CEO Talks Tech – Watch Autonomous Car Deliver Pizza appeared first on WebProNews.

  5. Pinterest is doing everything it can to make shopping even better for its users. The visual sharing platform recently introduced Product Pins, Shopping Recommendations, and a new shortcut. These new features aim to provide its 250 million active Pinners with a more intuitive and streamlined shopping experience. The first of these features is the Shopping…

    The post Pinterest’s Latest ‘Product Pin’ Feature Gives Sellers 40% More Clicks appeared first on WebProNews.

  6. There was a session at the recent GeekWire Summit on how the IoT explosion will impact retail stores where underpants were discussed. It’s humous but very illustrative of how every item in every store, electronic or not, will be tracked.

    The post Why Would I Want My Underpants Connected to the Internet? appeared first on WebProNews.

  7. “We grew 41 percent in the cloud and SAP has now become the fastest growing enterprise application software company in the world,” said SAP CEO Bill McDermott.

    The post SAP CEO: We Are the Fastest Growing Business Software Company in the World appeared first on WebProNews.

  8. Veeva Systems offers pharmaceutical and other highly regulated chemical manufacturers a cloud-based solution to make their employees and companies be more efficient and in regulatory compliance.

    The post Veeva CEO: Reinvention Makes a Great Company appeared first on WebProNews.

  9. “I have the opportunity to serve as Chief Marketing Officer, but 85,000 people are all brand ambassadors,” says Delta CMO Tim Mapes.

    The post Delta CMO: All 85,000 Employees Are Brand Ambassadors appeared first on WebProNews.

  10. Facebook has created a War Room ahead of the midterm election that is filled with data scientists and specialists trying to stop the spread of what it considers fake news.

    The post Conservatives See Facebook War Room As War on Them appeared first on WebProNews.

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