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  1. The World Health Organization (WHO), which is leading the global fight against COVID-19, must divert resources to fight off a cyberespionage attack.

    The post World Health Organization targeted in cyberespionage attack appeared first on TechGenix.

  2. Working from home has always had several benefits. With coronavirus, they are even more crucial. Do remote work and be productive with these best practices.

    The post Working from home: Best practices to boost your productivity appeared first on TechGenix.

  3. Businesses were moving to remote work strategies even before coronavirus. Here’s how to manage remote work teams — and manage yourself as a remote worker.

    The post Where is everybody? How to effectively manage your remote work teams appeared first on TechGenix.

  4. Trend Micro has found and patched numerous high-to-critical vulnerabilities for two of its products, according to a security bulletin on the company’s business support page. The vulnerabilities range from 8-10 on the CVSS scale and, according to Trend Micro, at […]

    The post Trend Micro patches critical vulnerabilities for Apex One and OfficeScan appeared first on TechGenix.

  5. Microsoft released 113 total patches this month, with updates for all the currently supported operating systems. Here is a roundup of March Patch Tuesday.

    The post TechGenix Patch Central: Microsoft March Patch Tuesday appeared first on TechGenix.

  6. Communication Compliance for Office 365 from Microsoft can help businesses identify code-of-conduct policy violations in company communications channels.

    The post Communication Compliance for Office 365 now generally available appeared first on TechGenix.

  7. The new 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors are designed for high-capacity workloads and are optimized for performance and performance-per-dollar.

    The post New 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors unveiled appeared first on TechGenix.

  8. Here’s a roundup of the February patches issued by various software vendors, with an update on cancellations of tech events caused by coronavirus.

    The post TechGenix Patch Central: February non-Microsoft patches appeared first on TechGenix.

  9. A new report confirms what many companies and individuals learned firsthand — ransomware was a nightmare in 2019. What does this say about 2020?

    The post Ransomware recap: Welcome to the never-ending nightmare appeared first on TechGenix.

  10. New Mexico is suing Google for alleged privacy violations against minors, specifically that it uses its Google Education program to mine children’s data.

    The post New Mexico sues Google for violating privacy of minors appeared first on TechGenix.

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