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  1. At its re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, AWS had some big news on a new datacenter processor. The Graviton2 has potential to shake up the industry

    The post AWS unveils Graviton2, a blazing-fast processor to power its cloud appeared first on TechGenix.

  2. A simple yet versatile malware called Raccoon Stealer that bypasses anti-spam filters looks like it is going to be a problem for InfoSec pros.

    The post Raccoon Stealer malware newest business email compromise attack appeared first on TechGenix.

  3. Another day another data breach. This time it’s the fast-food chain Church’s Chicken, where company-owned restaurants in 11 states were affected.

    The post Church’s Chicken company-owned restaurants experience data breach appeared first on TechGenix.

  4. Docker’s acquisition by cloud solutions vendor Mirantis came as a surprise to many, even considering the well-known financial troubles of Docker.

    The post Docker’s acquisition by Mirantis: What this means for both companies appeared first on TechGenix.

  5. The hacking case of Twitter chief Jack Dorsey has likely been solved. The worst part? It was allegedly carried out by a minor.

    The post Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey alleged hacker arrested appeared first on TechGenix.

  6. Catch Hospitality Group, an operator of upscale restaurants, says its New York City-based bistros have been hit by a data breach.

    The post Upscale New York City restaurants experience data breach appeared first on TechGenix.

  7. IRS scams using social engineering to snare victims is nothing new. This campaign, however, is unique because it is out of tax season.

    The post IRS scam tricking thousands via social engineering appeared first on TechGenix.

  8. The new Group Policy settings in the just-released Windows 10 version 1909 make it easier to control installation of trusted devices.

    The post How Windows 10 version 1909 enhances device security appeared first on TechGenix.

  9. A new ransomware known as NextCry has surfaced affecting NextCloud file-sharing software. The lesson yet again: beware — and back up your files.

    The post NextCry: New ransomware encrypting Nextcloud files appeared first on TechGenix.

  10. Lizard Squad, cybercriminals who most notably target gaming servers with DDoS attacks, have turned their attention to the United Kingdom’s political system.

    The post Lizard Squad threatening UK Labour Party with cyberattacks appeared first on TechGenix.

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