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  1. Although China is easing the tech crackdown, its policy has not changed. Working against the instructions declared by the politburo would still garner severe repercussions, but in the upcoming period, the government will allow more from private companies and government platforms. After that, the country hopes to keep the good results once the global economy stabilizes.

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  2. Today, on the 17th of March, starts the first of what is planned to be many summits. With the event in Brussels, Europe is trying to find innovative ways to catch up to tech competitors in America and Asia, keeping its economy and development competitive

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  3. The CYBERUK 2022 conference discussed topics like online scams, ransomware, and vulnerabilities that systems might encounter in the future, as well as the influence of political factors on the growing issues of cybersecurity. Such factors included international conflicts, sanctions, as well as differences in the legislature.

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  4. On May 10th, IBM announced a whole system of new educational initiatives, following in the footsteps of Apple and Google who are trying to find cybersecurity talent in new places due to rapidly increasing demands.

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  5. People around the world are being jumped on the street, their phones taken, and their crypto wallets fully drained. This new threat combines the criminal activities of the past with those of the future.

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  6. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced the creation of twenty new positions for specialists. These newly-created jobs will be responsible for protecting crypto investors around the nation against cyber-attacks and scams.

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  7. Most customers came to Mine after large hacking scandals in the country and massive data leaks from private and public sources. Yet, users should take more preventative measures to protect their data from the source, not wait until disaster strikes to clean up the trails

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  8. Having a multi-network connection is bound to revolutionize cloud computing by making file downloads faster, more reliable, and more private. The only better thing than having one encrypted connection to draw your data from is having two, each bringing just parts of the information.

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  9. As a private company under individual ownership,Twitter’s course can now go many different directions. Yet, Twitter still has to follow some laws and guidelines regardless of who owns it. That said, the company now has many opportunities for data collection.

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  10. For many cybersecurity experts that have for a long time focused on the technical component of cybersecurity, this is a nightmare. Yet, those who have experience with holistic cybersecurity will recognize a lot of similarities between this problem and employee training.

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