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  1. After the dot com bubble, Paul Graham wrote an influential essay that drew lessons from the crash. While the tech bubble didn’t burst in quite the same way, it has certainly lost some air. Discover the key lessons from the current tech landscape which would shape a brighter future.

    The post Lessons From the Tech Bubble: The Brilliant, the Nerdy, and the Foolish appeared first on TechGenix.

  2. The main reason for Microsoft 365’s banning is the conflict between the European GDPR and the US CLOUD Act. Moreover, EU laws require businesses to have on-premise private servers for compliance. Find what led to the ban, and how businesses can stay compliant.

    The post Germany Forces a Microsoft 365 Ban Due to Privacy Concerns appeared first on TechGenix.

  3. The new and stricter cybersecurity guidelines require federal agencies to get NIST accreditation. Further, agencies should improve communication and perform frequent checks to ensure protection from intrusions and hacks.

    The post Biden Signs New Cybersecurity Guidelines after CISA Advisory Committee appeared first on TechGenix.

  4. The new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models are a big improvement in speed, battery, and especially camera quality. But are these improvements enough for users to make the switch?

    The post New iPhone 14 Models Are Better, but Not Amazing appeared first on TechGenix.

  5. Throughout her life, and 70-year reign as Britain’s monarch, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor was an eager, early adopter of technology but criticized the irresponsible use of it. Her majesty maintained a preference for human communication aided by technology.

    The post Queen Elizabeth II, Witness to Tech History, Dies Age 96 appeared first on TechGenix.

  6. Cybersecurity has open positions at all levels. An experienced cybersecurity architect can expect to earn over $150,000. Demand is only going to increase with time, which means you should act now to get your foot in the door.

    The post Cybersecurity Jobs at Home and Abroad–What Should You Know? appeared first on TechGenix.

  7. For the first time since Independence Day 2020, the biggest cryptocurrency by market cap, Bitcoin falls under USD19,000. Learn why this might have happened and what the market reactions are.

    The post Bitcoin Falls under USD19,000: What Does it Mean? appeared first on TechGenix.

  8. Instagram allowed minors to set up public accounts that displayed their contact information. While the company points out that it had resolved these issues, the fine is now confirmed.

    The post Instagram Fined Millions for Violating Child Privacy appeared first on TechGenix.

  9. Tech manufacturers are looking to move away from China due to increasing labor, manufacturing, and shipping costs. Learn all about this move and its potential effects on the global tech market.

    The post Tech Manufacturers Shift from China to Other Locations appeared first on TechGenix.

  10. US officials have forced the biggest US chip manufacturers, Nvidia and AMD, to stop flagship product sales to China. Learn why this ban is happening and what consequences it may have on global markets.

    The post Nvidia and AMD to Stop Selling Processors to China appeared first on TechGenix.

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