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  1. Tyler Technologies, a major provider of emergency management and election-sharing data used by governments, is dealing with a major ransomware incident.

    The post Government software provider Tyler Technologies hit by ransomware attack appeared first on TechGenix.

  2. A convincing-looking phishing campaign purportedly from a Texas government agency is targeting computer vendors in the state.

    The post Phishing campaign spoofs domain, targets computer vendors appeared first on TechGenix.

  3. The Mozi botnet appears to be another unintended consequence of people spending more time at home — and using more Internet-connected devices.

    The post Mozi botnet behind massive spike in IoT device attacks appeared first on TechGenix.

  4. A successful cyberattack initiated by a social engineering campaign has caused a data breach at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    The post U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs experiences data breach appeared first on TechGenix.

  5. Apple held its traditional September event, but in a nontraditional year there were no iPhones unveiled. This year, a new Apple Watch 6 was center stage.

    The post No iPhones, but Apple Watch 6, new iPads unveiled at Apple event appeared first on TechGenix.

  6. COVID-19 has meant a surge in the adoption of collaborative tools, bringing an increased urgency to the battle between Microsoft Teams and Slack.

    The post Microsoft Teams vs. Slack: Post-COVID battle for the remote workplace appeared first on TechGenix.

  7. Microsoft has rolled out Microsoft Lists and made it available as part of Microsoft Teams. Here’s more on this new Microsoft 365 productivity feature.

    The post Microsoft Lists in Microsoft Teams: Productivity made easier appeared first on TechGenix.

  8. If you’ve worked in IT for years, you may have attended a high-level meeting on the potential of drones in your business. So, where are they?

    The post After years of sky-high hype, where are all the drones? appeared first on TechGenix.

  9. Spoofed login pages is not a new kind of cyberattack, but 2020 has seen a serious evolution in this social engineering method.

    The post Spoofed login pages growing quickly to become major cyberthreat appeared first on TechGenix.

  10. Rogue employees intent on doing harm are tough to stop. Case-in-point: The Cisco employee whose network tampering rang up millions in costs.

    The post Ex-employee pleads guilty in Cisco network tampering case appeared first on TechGenix.

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