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Their award-winning team of journalists have chronicled the growing technology landscape in Ireland diligently and now every week thousands of readers from Ireland and Europe, Silicon Valley and the rest of the world, come to Siliconrepublic to be informed on vital issues affecting the technology business, start-ups, academia, CIOs and IT decision makers, as well as emerging areas like innovation and discovery, green tech and the digital lifestyle.

Silicon Republic is a leading source for technology, science and start-up news, information and resources for people who are passionate about STEM.
  1. Environmental activist Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim describes the harsh reality of climate change for indigenous women.

    The post ‘Climate change impact is doubled if you are a woman and you are indigenous’ appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  2. Essential sci-tech reading, including why Ireland’s Government dallies on achieving green goals and how to view the ‘super blood wolf moon’ this weekend.

    The post Weekend Takeaway: Green goals and a blood moon appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  3. Stargazers will be in for a treat this weekend with the so-called ‘super blood wolf moon’ set to appear, the last one for another 18 years.

    The post When and where can I see the ‘super blood wolf moon’ this weekend? appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  4. The Irish Government is doubling down on its message that taking climate action is necessary, all while hundreds of millions in EU fines await, writes Colm Gorey.

    The post Why is the Government so late when it comes to taking climate action? appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  5. Researchers in the US have identified a specific gene that could help us quickly find patients at high risk for prostate cancer to spread.

    The post Important gene discovery helps find those most at risk of common cancer appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  6. Almost as quickly as the world celebrated the first plant grown on the moon, news came through that it couldn’t survive a lunar night.

    The post Thanks, moon: Inspirational Chinese lunar cotton freezes and dies appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  7. One of the Ireland’s most common genetic disorders is causing far higher levels of serious disease than we thought.

    The post Not-so-deadly ‘Celtic curse’ has been hiding a much darker secret appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  8. Researchers working with helium-3 have found a way to recreate the earliest days of the universe right here on Earth.

    The post Super-chilled quantum helium could allow for ‘time machine’ to early universe appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  9. CERN’s famous Large Hadron Collider spanning two countries is only the beginning, with new plans for an even larger system.

    The post CERN unveils plan to dwarf Large Hadron Collider with even bigger machine appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  10. Dr Ashley Shew of Virginia Tech is helping to shine a bright spotlight on the realities of being a disabled researcher in an ableist world.

    The post ‘Many non-disabled people who work in disability consider themselves experts’ appeared first on Silicon Republic.

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