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  1. From World War II to modern day, Angela Saini explores how the concept of race has evolved in scientific circles.

    The post ‘We need to abandon the idea that race is biologically real’ appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  2. A sample of an illustrated children’s book profiling some of Ireland’s greatest scientists has won this year’s Mary Mulvihill Award.

    The post Children’s storybook of Irish scientists wins €2,000 Mary Mulvihill Award appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  3. Over the next century, researchers predict that small creatures and mammals will significantly outnumber large ones because of humanity’s influence.

    The post Small creatures will rule in a world dogged by climate change appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  4. New research has found that the ancient planetary collision that formed the moon may have also brought water to Earth.

    The post Could a collision with a wandering planet have brought water to Earth? appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  5. It seems we all have the skills to be a pickpocket as researchers find humans can identify what an object looks like without even seeing it.

    The post Our ‘inner pickpocket’ lets us identify objects just by feeling them appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  6. Hayley Hung, a research scientist at Environment and Climate Change Canada, is leading a team to investigate air pollutants in the Arctic.

    The post One researcher is trying to get to the bottom of the great ‘invisible’ polluter appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  7. For the first time, researchers have discovered red pigment in an ancient fossilised mouse, shining a light on what the creature looked like.

    The post ‘Bio ghost’ of mighty mouse reveals important colourful discovery appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  8. More vast oceans could be hiding beneath the surface of Pluto than we once thought, hidden by an insulating layer of gas.

    The post Pluto discovery suggests vast oceans hide beneath gassy bubble appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  9. When it comes to helping your bowels move everything they need to, coffee is ideal, but it’s nothing to do with caffeine.

    The post Study finds what happens in your stomach when you drink coffee appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  10. Irish secondary school student Adam Kelly will rub shoulders with Nobel dignitaries after being named one of the world’s brightest young students at ISEF 2019.

    The post Irish quantum computing prodigy to attend Nobel Prize event after award win appeared first on Silicon Republic.

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