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  1. Students of secondary schools in Ireland are to be given the chance to see their experiment tested in zero gravity for future space exploration.

    The post Irish secondary school students aim to test experiment in zero gravity appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  2. Purdue University’s Dr Nien-Hwa Linda Wang has developed a chemical conversion process that can turn plastic into useful products such as fuel.

    The post Tackling plastic pollution with a potentially profitable recycling solution appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  3. Three-year partnership agreed with Ecoalf aims to take 150m tonnes of waste from the Mediterranean each year.

    The post Kingspan sets sail on plan to recycle 1bn plastic bottles per year by 2025 appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  4. The world’s smallest bear can exactly mimic the face of other bears, a power once thought only possible in humans and gorillas.

    The post Human superiority challenged after surprising discovery in tiny bears appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  5. In the latest 4IRC event from Connect, speakers discuss design thinking, entrepreneurship and the concept of ‘fast and filthy fashion’. Emily McDaid reports.

    The post How to avoid ‘filthy fashion’ for more sustainable design appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  6. Researchers claim they can prove that it is possible for two versions of reality to exist at the same time, but only at the quantum level.

    The post Discovery that different realities can co-exist ‘breaks’ quantum physics appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  7. Queen bumblebees are the lifeblood of every colony, and now scientists have discovered they do something totally unexpected beneath our feet.

    The post Unexpected queen bumblebee discovery could help us save multiple colonies appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  8. Prof Jocelyn Bell Burnell is putting her recent international award towards a new fund to help more Irish women and minority physics graduates find jobs.

    The post New €2.6m Jocelyn Bell Burnell fund to propel women into physics appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  9. Prof Fiona McGillicuddy of UCD is trying to find what happens to ‘good cholesterol’ in patients with obesity and diabetes.

    The post ‘I hope self-blame will pass and obesity is recognised as the disease it is’ appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  10. Contained in such a tight space for months at a time, ISS astronauts are reporting higher cases of dormant viruses, such as ‘space herpes’, resurfacing.

    The post Outbreak of ‘space herpes’ in ISS astronauts shows challenge of cosmic travel appeared first on Silicon Republic.

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