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Their award-winning team of journalists have chronicled the growing technology landscape in Ireland diligently and now every week thousands of readers from Ireland and Europe, Silicon Valley and the rest of the world, come to Siliconrepublic to be informed on vital issues affecting the technology business, start-ups, academia, CIOs and IT decision makers, as well as emerging areas like innovation and discovery, green tech and the digital lifestyle.

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  1. Researchers at Virginia Tech are excited by a new drug that could help stop brain cancer spreading before it can do even more damage.

    The post Researchers discover new drug that could halt spread of brain cancer appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  2. Irish researchers taking part in a global study have helped develop a new treatment that saw improvement in children with a peanut allergy.

    The post Many children can tolerate peanuts using new allergy treatment appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  3. In a week that celebrates all things science, we’ve been looking back at the year’s scientific achievements, and getting a close-up look at Irish science careers.

    The post Weekend Takeaway: 10 Science Week stories to stoke your curiosity appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  4. With the help of two amazing science communicators, did we answer your #StopAndAsk question for Science Week?

    The post #StopAndAsk: Your Science Week questions answered appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  5. Cleaning your child’s soother by sucking on it might sound unpleasant to some, but it could give kids a serious health boost.

    The post Sucking on your child’s soother might help bolster their immune system appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  6. Dr Emma O Chapman is exploring the ‘early childhood’ of the universe and tackling harassment in higher education. She spoke to Dr Claire O’Connell.

    The post From dark to stars: Exploring the infancy of the cosmos appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  7. Research into the physics of bubbles has found that, when they become laced with bacteria, bursting can turn them into a bioweapon.

    The post Bacteria can turn bursting bubbles into microbial grenades appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  8. To mark Science Week, here are just seven Irish science stories that have caught the country’s attention so far this year.

    The post 7 Irish science stories that made serious waves in 2018 so far appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  9. In a major discovery, astronomers have located a so-called ‘super-Earth’ orbiting the nearest single star to the sun.

    The post Second-closest ‘super-Earth’ found orbiting sun’s stellar twin appeared first on Silicon Republic.

  10. A new study looking at social media addiction makes comparisons with withdrawal symptoms that stem from addictive substances.

    The post Study on social media withdrawal reveals some surprising findings appeared first on Silicon Republic.

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