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  1. A coalition including Amazon, Google, Facebook, Instacart, and DoorDash is using the defeat of the union drive to make their case for a future without unions.
  2. Federal Investigators allege that a Texas man wanted to use C-4 to blow up around 70% of the internet.
  3. Analysis by Motherboard and a security researcher indicate the database is separate from the recently reported cache of 500 million accounts.
  4. "Now, you might think, alright it's like a subway. But this is more like a highway underground."
  5. Venmo sets all your payments public by default. Here's how to change that.
  6. America’s first opioid crisis came after its bloodiest war, but the lessons of the original debacle have been lost in history.
  7. But the Retail Wholesale and Department Store Union has indicated that it will formally challenge Amazon’s conduct during the election.
  8. Aten, dubbed a “Lost Golden City” by Egyptian officials, is one of the most important finds in decades, said one archaeologist.
  9. Uber is spending hundreds of millions to recruit drivers as vaccinations increase while working to keep them misclassified as contractors.
  10. The data from companies such as Google, Twitter, AT&T, and Verizon can include GPS coordinates and browsing history.

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