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  1. We should be exploring all avenues of possible treatment and prevention for COVID-19, but patchwork laws and federal prohibition put up roadblocks.
  2. Bots, volatility, and a referral system decried as a "Ponzi" marred the viral launch of a token called WTF.
  3. Adult content creators and escorts who use Linktree’s link-organizing service are reporting that they were banned from the platform overnight without warning. 
  4. The film, called "Departhenon" and featuring a few moments of men having sex, triggered an investigation by the culture ministry.
  5. Motherboard obtained an internal roster from New York City's largest Amazon warehouse showing 552 workers are out on "LeaveWithPay" and 1,254 workers are out on “Leave.”
  6. Freight trains loaded with valuable merchandise sitting on apparently unguarded tracks make for awfully inviting targets.
  7. Russia’s internal intelligence agency said it arrested members of the gang behind several major ransomware attacks, upon a US government request.
  8. “Revenge is Definite,” said yet another piece of state-backed media depicting the death of the former president.
  9. The popular encrypted messaging app is going through changes.
  10. The Book of Boba Fett has some fans questioning how Star Wars the series really is, but that isn't up to them.

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