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  1. Users won't be able to upload new content to the site after October 21 and have until December 14 to archive their content, Yahoo said in an announcement.
  2. Unlike ʻOumuamua, the first interstellar object ever detected, comet 2I/Borisov is radiant and gassy.
  3. In light of Girls Do Porn being charged with federal counts of sex trafficking, Motherboard spoke with adult industry directors, performers and activists on how this case is far from the norm.
  4. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff wants a “new capitalism”, but tinkering with our economic system won’t fix its fundamental flaws.
  5. Dear Twitter, do you actually remember all our tweets?
  6. The site, "Welcome to Video," hosted 8 terabytes of child porn. More than 337 people have been arrested in 38 countries.
  7. London-based startup Geomiq is commissioning friendly faces for a mystery client's robot.
  8. 'Witness of Another World' is a great UFO documentary because it's so grounded in the human experience.
  9. When Uber’s early investors cash out on November 6 for the first time since the company went public, drivers on the app will protest outside the homes of top investors.
  10. "Pick any bug popular in the reptile trade for food, take 15 minutes educate yourself on their reproduction, sell the things on eBay at the going market rate."

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