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  1. High levels of race-based discrimination online correlates with offline violence in cities across America, new study finds.
  2. A tongue-in-cheek proposal to make Have I Been Pwned’s brand even more valuable.
  3. The sprawling plan by the Google affiliate encompasses 77 hectares and asks for new mass transit, changes to regulations, and more.
  4. “In the future, having gametes and embryos stored in a bank outside the Earth will be very important.”
  5. Scientists at NOAA captured a video of the rare, deep-sea giant squid off the coast of New Orleans
  6. Several employees were caught abusing the tool, which let them read users’ messages and passwords.
  7. Ravelry, which has 8.5 million members, will not allow 'support for open white supremacy' on its platform.
  8. The Raspberry Pi Foundation claims it’s finally built a tiny computer that can replace a desktop PC.
  9. Machines can now look for visual inconsistencies to identify AI-generated dupes, a lot like humans do.
  10. Broadcast meteorologists, scientists, and activists are participating in the #ShowYourStripes project on Friday to show how the climate crisis affects their countries.

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