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  1. “They are the canary in the coal mine,” warns the lead of a new study that suggests seabirds may soon abandon the Falkland Islands due to climate change.
  2. The Asian giant hornet is the largest hornet in the world and a small group can wipe out an entire honey bee colony in hours. Now, the first known nest in the U.S. has been found.
  3. The CBP is buying location data harvested from ordinary apps installed on peoples’ phones.
  4. The llamas were likely buried alive to welcome new conquests into the Inca empire, and were preserved with their ornate sacrificial decorations intact.
  5. Telecom companies and the federal regulator argue that revealing the prevalence of SIM card fraud in Canada, or what plans exist to stop it, would help fraudsters.
  6. Gig workers have nowhere to pee and it's only gotten worse during COVID-19. Instead of a societal solution, there is the Whizz app.
  7. Screenshots and technical experts show the alleged Trump Twitter hack may not be as straight-forward as presented.
  8. The bill would severely limit when the president could turn off the internet during national emergencies.
  9. The Laptev Sea in Siberia is normally an "ice factory," but hasn't frozen yet in October for the first time on record—a dire warning of the effects of climate change.
  10. Motherboard is publishing a redacted version of the allegedly Iranian-made video to show readers what a foreign voter interference operation looks like.

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