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  1. Several Iran-linked news websites appear to be down, but the U.S. government hasn't given an official statement.
  2. While a long list of firms collectively lost tens of billions of dollars betting against Gamestop, White Square is the first to close its doors.
  3. The Army’s XVIII Airborne Corps tweeted a picture of unit patches photoshopped onto the heads of the villains from ‘The Boys.’
  4. The hacking group has resurfaced online on its official dark web site, suggesting the arrests may not have hit it too hard.
  5. In an official resolution obtained by Motherboard, one of the country's most powerful unions has declared an unprecedented effort to unionize Amazon.
  6. The right wing provocateur changed his mind.
  7. Mining bans and other measures in China are contributing to a shift in mining power from East to West, hardware price drops, and more.
  8. You don't have to worry about a "white women crying" trend taking over TikTok, unless you're a big fan of vampire shows on The CW.
  9. An investigation into a single UK fulfillment center revealed that they were destroying over 100,000 products a week.
  10. Newly released documents provide new insight into the capabilities of the iPhone unlocking tech.

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