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  1. Since the overturn of Roe v. Wade, users have posted videos with the addresses and alleged credit card information of Conservative justices.
  2. A new 115-page paper reveals in detail China's plan to find "Earth 2.0" and answer the question: Are we alone in the universe?
  3. If there’s any particular message about how billionaires can really make a difference in Loot, it would be: talk less and give more away.
  4. Tattoo artists have a new hustle: recovering ink from bodies of the recently-deceased at the behest of their loved ones.
  5. A Congressional report criticizes Robinhood for "troubling business practices, inadequate risk management, and a culture that prioritized rapid growth."
  6. Period tracker apps and social media collect a wealth of information on us. Would they turn it over to state authorities looking to punish people who’ve sought reproductive care?
  7. This familiar gesture has a surprisingly vast array of meanings and uses.
  8. LeviPrint, a robot arm that uses acoustic waves to suspend objects and build structures, must be seen to be believed.
  9. A deranged quest with friends through Google Street View.

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