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  1. “They’re incredibly cute little animals and are really more like a gecko walking around than a shark.”
  2. According to court docs, an undercover officer drove two of the men to the house to help them plan a strategy for the killings.
  3. On January 16, Brian M. Lemley Jr., a suspected member of the neo-Nazi terror cell The Base, was arrested alongside two others. His dating profile is something else.
  4. The creators of "Justine Falcon" are bringing a class action lawsuit to California Superior Court, with the help of an artificially-intelligent avatar of a stereotypical female lawyer.
  5. Oregon Senator Ron Wyden say the FTC needs to do more to stop corporations from selling your private data, then burying notifications in fine print.
  6. The Pentagon admits UFOs are real. So Hollywood is making a flurry of movies and TV shows about how we should look for them.
  7. Surveillance footage is providing new insights into how humans interact in public. But should scientists be able to see it?
  8. Some quantum particles have soulmates, and scientists can use their “spooky” connections to send secret messages across the world, instantly.
  9. Turns out the “Open House” is only open to those who are already filthy rich.
  10. Sanders himself thanked New Urbanist Memes for Transit-Oriented Teens, which has nearly 200,000 public transit-obsessed members.

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