Tech by VICE
  1. A new study used digitally and physically applied makeup to test the limits of state-of-the-art facial recognition software.
  2. The eroded camel reliefs in Saudi Arabia date from the Neolithic period
  3. “Preparing for migration in a changing climate means moving away from the deterrence paradigm and problematic ‘Do Not Come’ messaging."
  4. The Oval Pawffice has been asking increasingly extreme questions and hinting at increasingly extreme claims, posed in the voice of a theoretical animal.
  5. While Starlink insists it’s poised to disrupt the broken U.S. broadband market. Reality, competitors, and the law of physics will make that promise a steep uphill climb.
  6. Rug pulls, pump and dumps, and good old-fashioned fake coins. This is your guide to the wonderful world of digital currency scams.
  7. Resellers who document their lives on YouTube found an extraordinary collection of beloved video games lurking underneath mounds of filth and bugs.
  8. U.S. residents are bombarded with misleading reports about how dangerous and toxic public transportation is. It’s no wonder workers are afraid to go back.
  9. One volunteer counted 261 dead migratory birds surrounding the World Trade Center complex on Tuesday morning.
  10. Fed up with low wages and injuries, more than 1,000 HelloFresh kitchen factory workers in Colorado and California are unionizing with UNITE HERE.

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