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  1. The company has also sent anti-union text messages to workers and posted anti-union banners in its facilities in the lead-up to a union election at its Bessamer, Alabama facility.
  2. Terabytes of video, including from the Capitol Hill riots, have been made available as torrent files that anyone can download.
  3. The analysis comes as Congress wants to know how much white supremacy has penetrated the military.
  4. As confusion about online coronavirus vaccine scheduling continues, some users report facing rejections from a credit monitoring service.
  5. To help people through these trying times, a Minnesota artist created a new version of the mysterious monolith.
  6. UNITE HERE Local 25, which represents 7,200 hotel workers in the region, wants hotels to shut down unless they are hosting security personnel.
  7. The free, open-source encyclopedia is a monument of human cooperation and collaboration.
  8. And so with our brains small, our meat huge, our pain endless, we tread onwards.
  9. On this episode of CYBER, we talk about how when Twitter booted the president the social war kicked off from there. 
  10. Without hesitation, a Capitol Hill rioter who posted evidence of his trespassing on Instagram, then sent emails detailing his crimes to the FBI, according to court documents.

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