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  1. Uber's PR push reminds us that Uber's business model relies on mistreating its drivers, and now it's threatening to leave California 'for a while' if it has to make them employees.
  2. Anti-racist groups in both the Netherlands and Belgium have long criticized 'Black Pete' as a racist and dehumanizing caricature.
  3. 12 billion light years from Earth, scientists spotted a galaxy that is the spitting image of a young Milky Way. Its discovery challenges our understanding of the early universe.
  4. Argentina’s Paraná Delta is experiencing its worst fires in 12 years, fueled by the worst drought in decades.
  5. This won't necessarily be news to anyone who uses a smartphone, but not everyone agrees.
  6. The removal of nearly 200 links from Google search in Germany about a princess’ drunken rampage in Scotland raises questions about who has the 'right to be forgotten.'
  7. Criminals use so-called Russian, encrypted, or white SIMs to change their phone number, add voice manipulation to their calls, and try to stay ahead of law enforcement.
  8. After a late filing, West's lawyer is arguing that 14 seconds after 5 p.m. is still 5 p.m. in order to get him on the ballot in Wisconsin. We asked experts who study the perception of time if this claim holds water.
  9. The strike for a cost of living adjustment earlier this year galvanized students at nearly every single campus in the University of California’s 285,000-student system. 
  10. The cable tore a 100-foot hole in the gargantuan dish in Puerto Rico, which was featured in Carl Sagan's novel 'Contact' and the James Bond film 'GoldenEye.'

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