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  1. GE workers who normally make jet engines say their facilities are sitting idle while the country faces a dire ventilator shortage.
  2. Workers say they will strike Tuesday because the Amazon subsidiary has failed to prioritize their safety during a period of record sales.
  3. Fakku announced that it would make its content free to encourage people to stay home.
  4. The coronavirus "actually reminded me of first contact when we didn't have disease and it was brought to us—like smallpox."
  5. Like healthcare workers, restaurant employees, and gig economy workers, repair stores are keeping the country together during the Coronavirus outbreak.
  6. Cock trampling and ball busting take foot fetishism a step further, into much more masochistic territory.
  7. The change comes after Motherboard found the Zoom iOS app was sending analytics information to Facebook when users opened the app.
  8. The letter to Jeff Bezos, written by Sanders and Ilhan Omar, requests detailed information about Amazon’s coronavirus response plan.
  9. Someone created an algorithm to recognize hand seals from the anime show Naruto, using computer vision.
  10. The antimalarial drug has been talked about as a promising treatment for Covid-19 by Elon Musk and Donald Trump, but the science isn't nearly there yet.

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