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  1. The new unc0ver jailbreak relies on a vulnerability that the researcher who found it says Apple is unaware of.
  2. The AI-generated version of 'Pac-Man' is fuzzy, and is biased against the player dying, but chipmaker Nvidia says it works even without a game engine.
  3. The Golden Driller is Oklahoma's state monument and represents an oil worker. Now, it's a 75-foot-tall idol representing Elon Musk.
  4. Several people, including security researchers, hackers, and bloggers, have had access to an early version of the new iOS 14 for months.
  5. “I worry that a union would pit us as adversaries when we absolutely don’t need to be.”
  6. The issue revolves around a password entry screen on the eShop.
  7. The Patriot Act is about to be reauthorized, but we still don't know basic facts about how our web browsing habits are being collected.
  8. The Invest in Child Safety Act could be a good alternative to EARN IT, but some sex worker advocacy groups say it doesn't focus on the right things.
  9. Mid-sized cities around the country are hoping to attract businesses and residents that can no longer afford the big cities. Will a “mobility revolution” help? Buffalo wants to find out.
  10. A so-called charity helping incarcerated white supremacists says John Cameron Denton is looking to get personal letters with LOTR content.

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