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  1. Cisco Talos researchers report finding eight security vulnerabilities in the Nest Cam IQ that can allow attackers to take over the camera, prevent its use or allow code execution.
  2. “Privilege can be blinding, and can cause people to ignore situations that should be simple matters of right and wrong.”
  3. Multiple contractors working for Microsoft explain how they listened to audio captured by Xbox consoles.
  4. The Vermont senator published a “Workplace Democracy” plan on Monday, which outlined his vision for rebuilding the organized labor movement in the United States.
  5. Telecom giants are giving up customers' real-time location data to stalkers and bounty hunters. Now, Motherboard speaks to a victim.
  6. You can play reconstructions of ancient board games thanks to these scientists and their algorithms.
  7. The ride share giant has been sued at least seven times this month related to rides that allegedly ended with rape or sexual assault.
  8. Palantir’s program isn’t just used by law enforcement, but by third-parties who offer augmented versions.
  9. Countless users are sharing a version of an Instagram post that falsely claims the platform will “disclose" after an unspecified time “tomorrow.”
  10. A guide to small- and large-scale reforestation efforts to help both humans and the planet.

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