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  1. Chess’s World Champion officially accuses Hans Niemann of cheating, but still hasn’t offered any proof.
  2. Programmer Kyle Machulis combined the viral song "Cbat" from a Reddit post with a trombone simulator and a Fleshlight-style toy, and the result is hilarious.
  3. More water than all of Earth's oceans is thought to reside deep inside the mantle, and a newly-discovered gem just shed more light on the mystery.
  4. NASA's DART test will slam a small probe into an asteroid in the first-ever planetary defense test that will seek to knock the rock off course.
  5. The independent MP digitally slaughtered the former PM at a charity event over the weekend.
  6. A water-based drone we’ve never seen before just showed up near Sevastopol. Authorities say they destroyed it.
  7. In one stark example of how sensitive images can end up powering these AI tools, a user found a medical image in the LAION dataset, which was used to train Stable Diffusion and Google’s Imagen.
  8. Everything Jones has done in his Connecticut case is in the service of making more content.
  9. To create the powerful AI art generators, engineers are training programs to soak up as much data as possible without questioning where it’s coming from.
  10. The encrypted chat app published “easy” detailed instructions to help anyone set up a proxy server to help Iranians.

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