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  1. The researcher who helped stop the WannaCry ransomware pleaded guilty to two counts of hacking for writing banking malware in 2014.
  2. “I wouldn’t call it a miracle but I’m very, very happy.”
  3. More than 1.81 million tiny quakes hit the region in nearly ten years.
  4. Foxconn’s controversial plant in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin has faced resistance from the beginning. Now, Governor Evers is calling on the tech-manufacturing company to renegotiate.
  5. With a couple of VR headsets, controllers, and this device, two users can simulate sex.
  6. The videos on Facebook and Instagram show sections of the raw Christchurch attack footage, and variations continue to thwart Facebook's moderators and technology.
  7. The well-preserved condition of the animal is giving hope to researchers trying to clone extinct animals.
  8. Despite being recreationally legal in 10 states, cannabis businesses have to come up with creative ways to accept payment other than cash.
  9. Dadabots was developed by two music technologists who wanted to prove that a neural network was capable of capturing the subtle stylistic differences between Death Metal, Math Rock, and other lesser-known genres.
  10. 'The bots are locked. They are not learning, but we humans are. We will win.'

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