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  1. War in Europe, a reminder for shared service centers and shoring operations to re-examine IT security posture

    The post Do back offices mean backdoors? appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  2. Here are some of the most common ways hackers can get hold of other people’s credit card data – and how you can keep yours safe

    The post 5 ways cybercriminals steal credit card details appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  3. As Instagram tests a new age verification tool, what are some of the concerns when it comes to confirming someone's age on the internet?

    The post Instagram’s new age verification tool – Week in security with Tony Anscombe appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  4. (Almost) everything you always wanted to know about virtual private networks, but were afraid to ask

    The post Virtual private networks: 5 common questions about VPNs answered appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  5. Educating employees about how to spot phishing attacks can strike a much-needed blow for network defenders

    The post Phishing awareness training: Help your employees avoid the hook appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  6. How crypto mixers, also known as crypto tumblers, are used to obscure the trail of digital money

    The post Crypto mixers: What are they and how are they used? appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  7. As the risk of receiving a malware-laden email increases, take a moment to consider how to spot attacks involving malicious spam

    The post How to spot malicious spam – Week in security with Tony Anscombe appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  8. Emotet malware is back with ferocious vigor, according to ESET telemetry in the first four months of 2022. Will it survive the ever-tightening controls on macro-enabled documents?

    The post How Emotet is changing tactics in response to Microsoft’s tightening of Office macro security appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  9. Five years ago, ESET researchers released their analysis of the first ever malware that was designed specifically to attack power grids

    The post Industroyer: A cyber‑weapon that brought down a power grid appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  10. Here are three themes that stood out at the world's largest gathering of cybersecurity professionals

    The post 3 takeaways from RSA Conference 2022 – Week in security with Tony Anscombe appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

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