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  1. ESET research dissects targeted malware attacks in Colombia – What parents hope to get out of parental controls – Privacy risks of new mesh Wi-Fi routers

    The post Week in security with Tony Anscombe appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  2. Nobody said parenting was easy, but in the digital age it comes with a whole slew of new challenges. How do parents view the role of parental monitoring in children's online safety?

    The post What’s your attitude to parental controls? appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  3. Your ‘networked computer on wheels’ has a privacy problem – when it comes to your data, you may not really be in the driver’s seat

    The post CES 2021: Car spying – your insurance company is watching you appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  4. The documents related to COVID-19 vaccine and medications were stolen from the EU's medicines agency last month

    The post Hackers leak stolen COVID‑19 vaccine documents appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  5. New mesh Wi-Fi routers may be the answer to your wireless signal woes, but how about your privacy and security?

    The post CES 2021: Router swarms invade your home (and know where you are) appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  6. ESET researchers uncover attacks targeting Colombian government institutions and private companies, especially from the energy and metallurgical industries

    The post Operation Spalax: Targeted malware attacks in Colombia appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  7. Fraudsters are quick to exploit current events for their own gain, but many schemes do the rounds regardless of what’s making the news. Here are 5 common scams you should look out for.

    The post 5 common scams and how to avoid them appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  8. Watch out for a new PayPal smishing campaign – Employee login credentials up for sale – WhatsApp to share more data with Facebook

    The post Week in security with Tony Anscombe appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  9. Successful exploitation of some of these flaws could allow attackers to take control of vulnerable systems

    The post Chrome, Firefox updates fix severe security bugs appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  10. Many users have until February 8 to accept the new rules – or else lose access to the app

    The post WhatsApp updates privacy policy to enable sharing more data with Facebook appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

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