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  1. Online ad industry moves away from once prolific ads that are now deemed insecure because of DOM-based XSS vulnerabilities.
  2. A data breach targeting women's apparel giant SHEIN occurred between June and August 2018.
  3. Malicious apps can trivially thwart Mojave 10.14's new privacy protections.
  4. A recent cryptomining campaign shows criminal ingenuity.
  5. The spam campaign mostly targets victims in Turkey and Germany.
  6. Chrome users are now automatically signed into the browser if they're signed into any other Google service, such as Gmail.
  7. The human factor doesn't have to be an intangible when assessing cyber risks within a company.
  8. There are currently no mitigations for the Firefox attack, a researcher told Threatpost.
  9. Up to two billion devices are still vulnerable to the BlueBorne IoT attack - and may not ever get a patch.
  10. Cisco has patched vulnerability in its video surveillance manager software that could give an unauthenticated, remote attacker the ability to execute arbitrary commands on targeted systems.

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