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  1. Expert panel awards dubious honors to 2021 Consumer Electronics Show’s biggest flops, including security and privacy failures.
  2. Starting Feb. 9, Microsoft will enable Domain Controller “enforcement mode” by default to address CVE-2020-1472.
  3. Security researchers lambasted the controversial macOS Big Sur feature for exposing users' sensitive data.
  4. The tech giant removes 164 more offending Android apps after banning software showing this type of behavior from the store last year.
  5. Facebook has sued two Chrome devs for scraping user profile data - including names, user IDs and more.
  6. Judge bars former Tallahassee city ethics officer from internet-connected devices after her arrest for cyberstalking.
  7. The cybercriminal service has scammed victims out of $6.5 million and continues to spread on Telegram.
  8. CISA has issued an alert warning that cloud services at U.S. organizations are being actively and successfully targeted.
  9. The optional feature was released free to users in a technical preview this week, adding a new layer of security to service, which has been plagued by privacy concerns.
  10. The company announced accounts for ages 13-15 will default to a strong privacy setting, among other safety measures.

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