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  1. Attackers used malicious Excel 4.0 documents to spread the weaponized NetSupport RAT in a spear-phishing campaign.
  2. The meal-kit company's customer records were leaked as part of the Shiny Hunters breach.
  3. An investigation traces an NSO Group-controlled IP address to a fake Facebook security portal.
  4. Government and air transportation companies in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia were targeted in a recent attack tracked back to the Chafer APT.
  5. Looking for niche anomalies in an automated way with AI and machine learning is the future.
  6. Cisco has fixed a critical remote code-execution flaw in its popular customer interaction management solution.
  7. The malware-as-a-service is advanced, obfuscated and modular -- and built for mass campaigns.
  8. Cybercriminals are hunting out victims' Office 365 credentials -- by dishing out Supreme court "summons" in a phishing attack.
  9. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the Google name and the cloud to convince victims into handing over their login details.
  10. The operators behind the Toll Group attack are taking applications for technically advanced partners.

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