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  1. Company finally rolls out the complete fix this week for an RCE flaw affecting some 800,000 devices that could result in crashes or prevent users from connecting to corporate resources.
  2. BEC attacks getting are more dangerous, and smart users are the ones who can stop it.
  3. These code bombs lurk in the PyPI package repository, waiting to be inadvertently baked into software developers' applications.
  4. A year-old proof-of-concept attack that allows an attacker to bypass TLS email protections to snoop on messages has been patched.
  5. One in five of the most-popular apps for kids under 13 on Google Play don't comply with COPPA regulations on how children's information is collected and used.
  6. “No remedy available as of June 21, 2021," according to the researcher who discovered the easy-to-exploit, no-user-action-required bug.
  7. Illinois Supreme Court rules in favor of class action against company’s practice of scanning people’s fingers when they enter amusement parks.
  8. Cleanup in aisle "Oops": The supermarket chain said that it misconfigured two cloud databases, exposing customer data to public scrutiny.
  9. Chipmaker patches nine high-severity bugs in its Jetson SoC framework tied to the way it handles low-level cryptographic algorithms.
  10. Approximately 38,000 of RBA's customers had their embryology data stolen by a ransomware gang.

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