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  1. Startling triple-digit growth is fueled by easy criminal access to corporate networks and RaaS tools, an analysis found.
  2. Cyberattackers made off with addresses, insurance information, dates of birth, and most worryingly, clinical information, such as diagnosis, procedures, and/or prescription information.
  3. AT&T is battling a modular malware called EwDoor on 5,700 VoIP servers, but it could have a larger wildcard certificate problem.
  4. The Variation Swatches plugin security flaw lets attackers with low-level permissions tweak important settings on e-commerce sites to inject malicious scripts.
  5. Kaspersky researchers suspect that the cyberattackers may be a subgroup of the politically motivated, Palestine-focused Gaza Cybergang.
  6. Attackers use socially engineered SMS messages and malware to compromise tens of thousands of devices and drain user bank accounts.
  7. Most industry analyst firms conclude that between 80-90 percent of network traffic is encrypted today. Jeff Costlow, CISO at ExtraHop, explains why this might not be a good thing.
  8. The insurer won’t pay for 'acts of cyber-war' or nation-state retaliation attacks.   
  9. Millions of texts leading to the Flubot spyware/banking trojan are targeting everyone who uses Androids in the country, in an "exceptional" attack.
  10. Cyberattackers had unfettered access to the technology giant's file server for four months.

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