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  1. Rogue employees -- not just external threat groups -- pose a formidable threat to incident response teams.
  2. Microsoft tackles 74 bugs as part of its November Patch Tuesday security bulletin.
  3. IIoT-generated data – calibrations, measurements and other parameters – still need to be stored, managed and shared securely.
  4. The issue is in an Intel chip used for remote management.
  5. The platform is a favorite target for the Magecart collective of card-skimming threat groups.
  6. Adobe’s monthly patch load is low for November, with only three critical bugs and eight important ones fixed.
  7. The move takes a broader stand to protect user data and support the requirements of CCPA nationwide.
  8. The specific type of TCP attack used in the recent spate of DDoS efforts were TCP SYN-ACK reflection attacks.
  9. When it comes to bouncing back, long-term impact to share prices from a data breach incident is significant on average for large companies.
  10. SmarterASP.NET said that it is in the middle of recovering accounts downed by the ransomware attack.

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