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  1. This week, NIST released the newly redesigned and streamlined Special Publication 800-225, Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 Cybersecurity and Privacy Annual Report. In FY 2022, the NIST Information Technology Laboratory’s (ITL) Cybersecurity and Privacy Program
  2. NIST will hold a virtual workshop on Standards and Performance Metrics for On-Road Automated Vehicles (AV), September 5-8, 2023. Free registration and schedule are available online. The workshop aims to: Connect the AV community Provide a holistic
  3. In late April 2023, Big Data and Cognitive Computing Journal awarded the 2021 Best Paper to 6G Cognitive Information Theory: A Mailbox Perspective, which was authored by NIST’s Hamid Gharavi and University researchers. The paper proposes the “mailbox
  4. NIST and Intel researchers were awarded best paper at the 19th IEEE International Conference on Factory Communications Systems (WFCS 2023), in April 2023. The paper is titled, “Scheduling for Time-Critical Applications Utilizing Transmission Control
  5. NIST’s Industrial Wireless Systems project leader Rick Candell, and associate Kang Lee, attended the 19th IEEE International Conference on Factory Communications Systems (WFCS), April 26-28, 2023, in Pavia, Italy. The team organized and conducted a
  6. Researchers and city planners have faced problems and many unanswered questions in developing and reusing Internet of Things’ services. To aid these initiatives, NIST and university researchers reviewed different solutions proposed in literature for
  7. After supply chain disruptions in the COVID-19 pandemic, NIST and university researchers teamed up with private sector experts to explore methods for making supply chains more resilient to radical changes in demand. Their efforts resulted in a new
  8. Distributed digital devices – such as smart phones and more – are updated and trained by means of “Federated Learning.” Basically, it involves a central server sharing a training model with selected devices. Each device updates the model with its
  9. In a “fireside chat” at the Connected Vehicles USA 2023 conference, NIST’s Transformational Networks and Services Group Leader Tao Zhang discussed future communications needs for automated vehicles. The discussion was moderated by Scott McCormick
  10. Today, automated systems can operate without human intervention and are increasingly being developed and deployed. In a presentation at the University of Delaware, NIST Transformative Networks and Services Group Leader, Tao Zhang, provided a vision

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