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Carries news items (generally from mainstream sources) that relate to security.

Carries news items (generally from mainstream sources) that relate to security.
  1. Posted by InfoSec News on Sep 16

    By Colin Packham
    September 16, 2019

    Australian intelligence determined China was responsible for a
    cyber-attack on its national parliament and three largest political
    parties before the general election in May, five people with direct
    knowledge of the matter told Reuters.

    The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) concluded in March that China’s...
  2. Posted by InfoSec News on Sep 16

    By Jeff Stone
    September 12, 2019

    A vulnerability in smartphone technology has made it possible for
    outsiders to conduct targeted surveillance against victims for the past
    two years, according to new security findings.

    Researchers from AdaptiveMobile Security said Thursday they found an
    SMS-based hacking technique that actively is being exploited by a spyware
  3. Posted by InfoSec News on Sep 16

    By Anna Spoerre
    Des Moines Register
    September 11, 2019

    Two men arrested for breaking into the Dallas County Courthouse told law
    enforcement they were hired to do so by the judicial branch.

    The men, outfitted with numerous burglary tools, told authorities they...
  4. Posted by InfoSec News on Sep 16

    By Derek B. Johnson
    September 13, 2019

    The Department of the Treasury hit three North Korean groups with new sanctions
    Sept. 13 for conducting cyberattacks against critical infrastructure, including
    the infamous WannaCry ransomware attacks.

    Treasury's Office of Foreign Asset Control announced that Lazarus Group, an
    advanced persistent threat believed to be...
  5. Posted by InfoSec News on Sep 16

    By Aimee Chanthadavong
    ZDNet News
    September 13, 2019

    The New Zealand government has announced it will provide NZ$10 million over five
    years to support Pacific countries as they develop national cybersecurity
    strategies to secure infrastructure and data, enhance online safety, and
    implement new cyber crime laws.

    Minister of Foreign Affairs Winston Peters...
  6. Posted by InfoSec News on Sep 12

    By Catalin Cimpanu
    Zero Day
    ZDNet News
    September 11, 2019

    NSO Group, an Israeli company known for selling surveillance software (spyware)
    to governments across the world, has made a pledge this week to follow the UN's
    human rights framework and adopt measures to prevent customers from abusing its
    tools to do harm.

    The company's...
  7. Posted by InfoSec News on Sep 12

    By Jeff Stone
    September 11, 2019

    An accused operator of the FIN7 hacking collective pleaded guilty on Wednesday
    to charges in connection with working as the administrator of the group that
    researchers have suggested stole more than $1 billion from victims worldwide.

    Fedir Hladyr, 34, appeared in a courtroom in the Western District of Washington
    to plead guilty to wire...
  8. Posted by InfoSec News on Sep 12

    By Dan Goodin
    Ars Technica

    In March 2018, nine Iranians were criminally charged for their involvement with
    the Mabna Institute, a company federal prosecutors said was created in 2013 for
    the express purpose of using coordinated cyber intrusions to steal terabytes of
    academic data from universities,...
  9. Posted by InfoSec News on Sep 12

    By Gareth Corfield
    The Register
    11 Sep 2019

    Despite billing himself as "the world's most famous hacker", Kevin Mitnick
    isn't the infosec personality your grandma is most interested in learning more

    That honour falls to Robert Herjavec, who is the most searched-for person on
    Google with an infosec connection, according to a list compiled by...
  10. Posted by InfoSec News on Sep 12

    By Kevin Shelley and Wayne Williams
    The Agenda

    Intelligence experts warn that hostile nation-states, criminals and political
    partisans are preparing attacks on our election systems in 2020. We’ve set
    ourselves up for this: In the course of modernizing our voting systems, our
    country has introduced computers into many layers of our election...

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