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Carries news items (generally from mainstream sources) that relate to security.

Carries news items (generally from mainstream sources) that relate to security.
  1. Posted by InfoSec News on Aug 12

    By Danny Palmer
    August 12, 2020

    A US city has explained why it gave into the demands of cyber criminals
    and paid a ransom demand of $45,000 following a ransomware attack.

    Lafayette, Colorado fell victim to ransomware on July 27, which encrypted
    the city's computer networks and caused disruptions to phone services,
    email and...
  2. Posted by InfoSec News on Aug 12

    By Dan Goodin
    Ars Technica

    Microsoft on Tuesday patched 120 vulnerabilities, two that are notable
    because they’re under active attack and a third because it fixes a
    previous patch for a security flaw that allowed attackers to gain a
    backdoor that persisted even after a machine was updated.

  3. Posted by InfoSec News on Aug 12

    By Mike Miliard
    Healthcare IT News
    August 11, 2020

    The Office for Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Health and Human
    Services has warned health systems about what appears to be something of
    an old-fashioned and low-tech phishing attempt: fraudulent postcards, most
    addressed to hospital privacy officers, that warn of noncompliance with a
  4. Posted by InfoSec News on Aug 12

    By Joseph Cox
    August 12, 2020

    The unsolicited call came from France. Or at least that's what my phone
    said. When I picked up, a man asked if I worked with the National Crime
    Agency, the UK's version of the FBI. When I explained, no, as a journalist
    I don't give information to the police, he said why he had contacted me.

    "There are these special SIM...
  5. Posted by InfoSec News on Aug 12

    By Ronen Bergman and Nicole Perlroth
    Aug. 12, 2020

    TEL AVIV -- Israel claimed Wednesday that it had thwarted a cyberattack by
    a North Korea-linked hacking group on its classified defense industry.

    The Defense Ministry said the attack was deflected “in real time” and that
    there was no “harm or disruption” to its computer systems.

  6. Posted by InfoSec News on Aug 11

    By Catalin Cimpanu
    Zero Day
    August 10, 2020

    A group of elite hackers associated with the Iranian government has been
    detected attacking the US private and government sector, according to a
    security alert sent by the FBI last week.

    While the alert, called a Private Industry Notification, didn't identify
    the hackers by name,...
  7. Posted by InfoSec News on Aug 11

    By Gareth Corfield
    The Register

    DEF CON -- Boeing 747-400s still use floppy disks for loading critical
    navigation databases, Pen Test Partners has revealed to the infosec
    community after poking about one of the recently abandoned aircraft.

    The eye-catching factoid emerged during a DEF CON video interview of PTP's
    Alex Lomas, where the man...
  8. Posted by InfoSec News on Aug 10

    By Mark Pomerleau

    WASHINGTON -- U.S. Cyber Command is using unclassified networks and
    publicly available communication platforms as it works to prevent foreign
    interference in the next presidential election, a CYBERCOM official has

    “From a CYBERCOM standpoint, one of the big changes...
  9. Posted by InfoSec News on Aug 03

    By Mark Pomerleau

    Members of the National Guard from New England states concluded a two-week
    cyber exercise that sought to test the cyber skills of guardsmen and
    critical infrastructure operators.

    Cyber Yankee 2020, which took place July 21-31 in New Hampshire, involved
    more than 200 National Guard members and...
  10. Posted by InfoSec News on Aug 03

    By Duncan Riley

    Business travel management company CWT Global B.V. is the latest company
    to pay a ransom demand following a ransomware attack.

    According to report Friday by Reuters, the company paid $4.5 million to
    those behind the ransomware after the attack knocked some 30,000 of the
    company’s computers...

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