Dark Reading

Dark Reading: Connecting the Information and Security Community
  1. Funding has been somewhat lower than last year, but investment remains healthy, analysts say, amid thirst for cloud security in particular.
  2. Ukraine military intelligence says Russia is planning cyberattacks on the country's energy sector, as well as against allies including Poland and the Baltic states.
  3. CTA now has 36 members headquartered in 11 countries who follow cyber activities across the world, showing cybersecurity industry members realize the value in collaboration.
  4. Company unnecessarily collected consumers' personal data and failed to safeguard it, suit alleges, leading to two back-to-back data breaches.
  5. For white hats who play by the rules, here are several ethical tenets to consider.
  6. YouTuber minutephysics explains how Shor's algorithm builds on existing formulae like Euclid's algorithm and Fourier transforms to leverage quantum superpositioning and break encryption.
  7. Many enterprise applications are built outside of IT, but we still treat the platforms they're built with as point solutions.
  8. Slack, Docker, Kubernetes, and other applications that allow developers to collaborate have become the latest vector for software supply chain attacks.
  9. The ongoing ad fraud campaign can be traced back to 2019, but recently expanded into the iOS ecosystem, researchers say.
  10. The bug allows unauthenticated code execution on the company's firewall products, and CISA says it poses "significant risk" to federal government.

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