Dark Reading

Dark Reading: Connecting the Information and Security Community
  1. The malware has been in circulation since 2020, with sophisticated, advanced malicious actors taking advantage of the vulnerabilities in SOHO routers as the work-from-home population expands rapidly.
  2. The now-patched bug allows an attacker to gain full access to a user's Amazon files.
  3. In the always-changing world of cyberattacks, preparedness is key.
  4. External attacks focused on vulnerabilities are still the most common ways that companies are successfully attacked, according to incident data.
  5. Embrace cyber-risk modeling and ask security teams to pinpoint the risks that matter and prioritize remediation efforts.
  6. See how these novel, sophisticated, or creative threats used techniques such as living off the land to evade detection from traditional defensive measures — but were busted by AI.
  7. Results from phishing simulation campaigns highlight the five most effective types of phishing email.
  8. The clever, interactive phishing campaign is a sign of increasingly complex social-engineering attacks, researchers warn.
  9. Google Analytics has been found to be in violation of GDPR privacy laws by Italy — the third country to ban it.
  10. Researchers this week said they had observed criminals using a new and improved version of the prolific malware, barely three months after its authors announced they were quitting.

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