Dark Reading

Dark Reading: Connecting the Information and Security Community
  1. Bug bounty platform provider cited "Voatz's pattern of interactions with the research community" in its decision to halt the app vendor's vuln disclosure program on HackerOne.
  2. Often the hardest part in creating an effective awareness program is deciding what NOT to teach.
  3. Victims are being enticed to insert an unknown USB drive into their computers.
  4. A misconfigured database holding personal data was left available online between April 2019 and February 2020.
  5. Though set in the future, HBO's "Westworld" works as an allegory for the present moment in cybersecurity.
  6. The attack takes control of poorly secured network devices, redirecting Web addresses to a COVID-themed landing page that attempts to fool victims into downloading malware.
  7. Goal is to help organizations - especially healthcare entities - protect against cybercriminals trying to take advantage of the pandemic.
  8. A ransomware operator claims to have successfully attacked Chubb Insurance databases.
  9. As cyber defenses improve, adversaries are shifting to stealthy "living-off-the-land" attacks that use targets' own tools against them. Here are some tips to defend your turf.
  10. Inside the efforts to keep the quarantined world's popular Internet services running smoothly.

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