Dark Reading

Dark Reading: Connecting the Information and Security Community
  1. A new report suggests that top management at most companies still don't get security.
  2. The passwordless technology provider says the funding will be used to increase its reach and expand primary business functions.
  3. More companies are heeding expert advice to beef up their incident-response teams.
  4. The framework, now available through MITRE, provides countermeasures to attacks.
  5. All 10 finalists in the Innovation Sandbox were focused on identity, rather than security's mainstay for the last 20 years: Malware detection.
  6. Serious vulnerabilities exist every day in certain industries, including utilities, public administration, and professional services, according to testing data.
  7. Those looking to join the fight might want to polish up or acquire some (or all) of these hottest skills on the market.
  8. Don't overlook crisis communications in your cybersecurity incident response planning.
  9. The SEC has sent out letters to some investment firms and publicly listed companies seeking information, Reuters says.
  10. Attackers target companies' container supply chain, driving a sixfold increase in a year, aiming to steal processing time for cryptomining and compromise cloud infrastructure.

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