Dark Reading

Dark Reading: Connecting the Information and Security Community
  1. Nghia Hoang Pho, who illegally took home classified NSA information, also sentenced to three years of supervised release after prison term.
  2. A new report demonstrates how the cyber kill chain is consolidating as criminals find ways to accelerate the spread of their targeted cyberattacks.
  3. Cryptomining malware is the fastest-growing category of malicious software, according to a new report.
  4. The issue for cloud adopters is no longer where your data sits in AWS, on-premises, Azure, Salesforce, or what have you. The important questions are: Who has access to it, and how is it protected?
  5. This is the first time in six years that Verizon's "Payment Security Report" shows a downward trend, leaving cardholders vulnerable.
  6. Your employees need help recognizing the warning signs and understanding how to protect themselves online.
  7. Get expert insight into stopping 'deep fakes', blockchain attacks, and Windows 10 vulnerabilities.
  8. A young company has a new patent for using fault tolerance techniques to protect against malware infection in applications.
  9. The change is a complete departure from Google's previous practice of keeping sign-in for Chrome separate from sign-ins to any Google service.
  10. At Ignite 2018, security took center stage as Microsoft rolled out new security services and promised an end to passwords for online apps.

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