Generally websites can be categorised as brochure, development or eCommerce websites . For instance, a custom web application involves a lot more work than a simpler brochure-type website.

One of our products is a website in a day, which shows you how quickly we can work. The Website in a Day essentially involves you coming in for 3-4 hours and having website installed and up and running before you leave.

If you'd like to use our services, give us a call so that we can discuss what you have in mind and give you an approximate quotation. We encourage you to arrange a meeting with us for an hour or so where we can show you how we work, flesh out your exact requirements, plan your website's structure and discuss some design ideas. At the end of the meeting we can quote you immediately based on what was discussed.

It won't cost anything. All of the websites we create are either with Joomla or Magento (for eCommerce websites) which means you can update your website yourself. Technical knowledge isn't required — if you can edit a Word document, you'll be able to maintain your website.

Yes they are. Another way of describing our websites is as being responsive depending on what device they are being displayed on or even which way they are being held.

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