One of our products is a website in a day, which shows you how quickly we can work. The Website in a Day essentially involves you coming in for 3-4 hours and having website installed and up and running before you leave.

We also get agreement on certain aspects e.g. colours, template and more often than not a logo designed too (I work fast) - then I give you some homework to do and in the following week I tidy up aspects that I don't need to waste your time on.

Then the following week you come back for another 3-4 hour session where I answer any questions you have as to how to maintain the site yourself (it helps if you have tried to do the homework). We also tidy it up there and then with you there. So it is a day out of your life!

Even if it is not a Website in a Day we tend to work with the client physically sitting down with us at appropriate points which speeds things up all round and results in the customer having a more direct input into the completed project.

While larger, more complicated sites can take a number of months. The most common delay in the creation of a Web Development Website is waiting for the initial content and imagery to be compiled by the clients. So that is why we aim for creating a strucutre and training you in how to maintain the site yourself whether it be adding news to our brochure website or products to your eCommerce website our aim is to make you 100% independent of us if possible.

eCommerce websites are similar to web development websites but can be quicker to implement initially and currently we use Magento for our eCommerce websites. We have used Virtuemart/Joomla, Cactushop, OScommerce, Prestashop in the past. We are eCommerce specialists.


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